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Hair Removal | Sugaring | Waxing


NUEFRE or Sugar Wax
Eyebrow Arch $15 $12
Chin $12+ $10
Chin & Neck $20+ $15
Underarm $30 $20
Full Arms $45 $35
Leg Knee Down * $50 $30
Leg Knee Up * $40 $30
Chest $40 $30
NUEFRE or Sugar Wax
Lip $12 $10
Bikini $40 $30
Brazilian $55+
Full Legs $80 $55
Full legs w/bikini $110 $85
Stomach $35 $25
Back $55 $40

Sugaring & Waxing prices may vary per Individual. * Please note: Knee-down includes treatment just above the knee. Full legs only and Knee-up include treatment to a short line and does not include bikini wax.

Waxing & Sugaring Tips:
Do not wax or sugar if you are using Retin-A or Accutane or products w/AHAs. Do not tan or exfoliate the day before, the day of or the day after treatment. However, exfoliating and hydrating your skin between treatments is essential and allows for optimum hair removal. It is advised you do not schedule your appointments to coincide with your menstrual cycle, you may be more sensitive.